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Innovative plastic solutions for the healthcare industry

Delivery, Dosing and Reconstitution Devices, Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging, Medical Device Components, In-Vitro Diagnostic Consumables
100% Health

Solutions for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical and diagnostics industries

Our expertise and technical know-how in plastic injection enables us to offer a complete range of plastic solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medical and Diagnostic markets: Dosing systems for liquids or powders, Applicators, Primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging, Medical devices, Veterinary care and In Vitro diagnostic consumables.


Human health

Pipettes, measuring cups, applicators, pharmaceutical packaging, Vial adaptors, safety devices for injection pen needles, etc.

Animal health

Dosing and local application systems, Drug delivery syringes, Pest control devices, etc.


Development of customised medical components and devices: transfusion, dialysis, respiratory, injectable, implants, filtration, etc.


Tailored diagnostic consumables for analysis laboratories: sampling, inoculation, analysis
Human and Animal Health

Focus on products

Discover the latest technological innovations developed by Union Plastic's Research and Development laboratories: Veterinary drug delivery syringes, Complex delivery devices, Pest control devices, Liquid or powder dosing systems, Local application systems, Respiratory devices, Primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging and Drug transfer, injection and reconstitution devices.


Atraumatic 3-holes pipette

Pipette with atraumatic 3-hole dosing system for paediatric syrup and oral suspension

Dosing syringe

DOS'UP® dosing syringe for paediatric syrup and oral suspension, available in two forms

Vaginal applicator

APPLISIL® straight plunger applicator for vaginal application of creams and gels

Vial adapter

MEDIC'UP® product for the quick and easy transfer of drugs, avoiding needle pricks and reducing the risk of contamination