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Custom solutions for medical and diagnostic applications

Medical device components and diagnostic consumables tailored to your applications

Medical devices and diagnostic consumables

Union Plastic develops and manufactures excellent quality MEDIC'UP® medical devices and UP'DIAG® diagnostic consumables, guaranteeing safe, reliable and effective use. Union Plastic is your one-stop partner from initial development to mass production. Whatever the number of units (stable, reproducible high-volume production for diagnostic consumables or small-batch production for medical products) and the requirements of the medical device, we offer our customers innovative, custom plastic solutions. Every year, we produce hundreds of millions of consumables - fast, economical and of the highest quality - throughout the world.


Innovation and Production

  • Co-development of your products and consumables
  • Qualification of manufacturing processes
  • Integration of existing tools


  • Management of medical device registration, CE marking, and UDI traceability (MDR compliance)
  • Delegation of controls

Controlled environment

  • ISO9 - IS08 - ISO7 clean room production lines organised into 6 performance units to meet all your needs in terms of results

Full services

  • Optimised automated or manual assembly
  • LASER and OFFSET printing
  • Customised labelling or packaging
  • In-house EtO sterilisation
Transfusion, dialysis, respiratory, injectable, implants, filtration

MEDIC'UP® Custom medical components and devices

Union Plastic is your partner for bringing your projects to fruition and developing new, custom medical devices. From customer requirements to prototyping through to mass production, we put our know-how and industrialisation skills at your service. We specialise in both fully-automated production of large runs and manual and semi-automated production of small runs of injection moulding products. On behalf of our customers, we have developed and manufactured medical devices such as:

  • Transfusion kit connectors: cannulas, valves, connectors and clips
  • Dialysis filter components: connectors, barrels, covers and stoppers
  • Respiratory systems: mouthpieces, inhalation chambers
  • Pre-filled syringes for injection of medical solutions
  • Specific packaging for implants: tubes, stoppers, devices for prostheses
  • Filter parts for spirometry, ophthalmic and injectable use
Sampling, inoculation, analysis

UP'DIAG® diagnostic consumables

Consumables are key to analysis reliability. From the design phase onwards, Union Plastic will support you with a structured project approach. Our process mastery will then secure your entire supply chain. Our products are manufactured securely at 3 back-up sites, enabling us to provide our customers with responsiveness, flexibility and reliability.

Below are a few examples of solutions developed for analysis laboratories:

  • Solution sampling devices for in vitro analysis
  • Dishes, plates and spreaders for inoculation systems
  • Cards, tubes and cuvettes for in vitro analysis