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Intramammary syringe



Product information : Syringe
• Food and/or pharmacopoeia grade
• Barrel with fitted cap
• Regular or snap-off cap (see table below)
• Separate straight plunger

Colour (standard): white (specific colour as per Pantone: please contact us)
Benefits : - Easy to use, especially with the snap-off cap
- Fine cannula adapted to animals' udders
- Sub-assemblies can be ordered separately: plunger, body, etc...
Standard reference(s) : • Volume(s): from 5 to 30 ml
• Cannula diameter: 1.5 mm
• Item code(s): 1TSE0661 + 1TPI0761 / 1TSE0654 + 1TPI0640 / 1TSE0655 + 1TPI0757 / 1TSE0684 + 1TPI0750 / 1TSE1126 + 1TPI0761 / 1TSE1127 + 1TPI0639 / 1TSE1300 +1TPI0642

Certificates and statements

Application : The VETILINE® intramammary syringe is ideal for injecting drugs into cows’ udders thanks to its extremely fine needle. The snap-off cap allows easy use
Certifications : NF EN ISO 15378 (AB Certification)