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Eco-Responsible Health Plastics


Bioplastics offering

As a plastics manufacturer that is a pioneer in the use of renewable energy, Union Plastic supports its customers in sustainable development by working on eco-design, waste reduction, lower energy consumption and the use of new and more sustainable materials.

We offer our partners a range of bioplastics:

  • Organically sourced

Based on natural fibres such as maize starch, Polylactic acid and PBS

  • Biodegradable

Under industrial conditions in a recycling centre. For each application, our design office validates the specifications and conditions of use.

Our CSR commitments

  • Reducing our water and electricity consumption by 15%: 3700 m² of Photovoltaic panels
  • Working with local partners
  • Dividing our NHIW by 2
  • Reducing scrap by 10%
  • Recovering 95% of our plastic waste
  • Recycling 125 Tonnes of plastic waste
  • Eco-design of DOS'UP® Plus Pipettes 20% lighter
  • Dosing devices made from 100% Polyolefin for improved recyclability
  • Creation of Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs)
  • Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint available on request

2025 Ecological Objectives:
> Recover 99% of our waste
> Design using bio-based materials
> Achieve 25% self-consumption of energy


Benefits of Bioplastic solutions

  • Limit the use of fossil fuels

  • Reduce the impact of waste disposal at the end of a product's life

  • Technical properties comparable to traditional materials

  • Materials certified suitable for food contact