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Innovative plastic solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medical and Diagnostic industries

Human health

Union Plastic designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of innovative plastic solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Diagnostic markets:

  • DOS'UP® Dosing systems for liquids or powder
  • APPLISIL® Local application systems for creams, gels and tablets
  • UP'PHARM® Primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging
  • MEDIC'UP® Devices for drug transfer, injection and reconstitution
  • SPRAYLINE® Respiratory devices

Animal health

Union Plastic, expert in plastic injection moulding for over 60 years, manufactures and offers its veterinary customers a complete range of plastic solutions:

  • DOS’UP® Dosing systems for liquids or powders
  • APPLISIL® Local application systems: single-dose tube, ear cannula
  • VETIRAL® Intramammary syringes
  • VETILINE® Oral paste syringes
  • VETOCIDE® Anti-parasite treatment devices: insecticide syringe, anti-parasite loop
  • VETIMAX® Complex devices for vaccination and insemination
  • MEDIC’UP® Devices for drug transfer, injection and reconstitution