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Vial to Vial connecting device



Characteristics : • Spike : Made of plastic, allowing the rubber stopper penetration without
deformation or chipping
• 3 holes :
> Facilitates the transfer of mixtures between two bottles
> Optimises rinsing, liquid transfer and aspiration of the reconstituted medicine
• Luer-Lock : ISO 80369-compatible male and female connectors
• Benefits :
> Guide system allowing perfect central penetration of the tip at the
level of the vial’s rubber stopper
> Compatible with all Ø20 and Ø13 bottlenecks
> Permanent clip function on the bottleneck
> Moulded in Polycarbonate
> Sterilised
• Dimensions :
> Diameter of male Luer vial : 20 mm
> Diameter of female Luer vial : 20/13 mm
Standard reference(s) : • Item code : 23602000

Certificates and statements

Application : The MEDIC'UP® vial to vial connecting device makes it quick and easy to connect two Vial Adapters